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About A Blush of Rose Fashion page.

This is an online Fashion web page that looks at current fashion events, trends, products and what has caught my eye recently. There will also be periodic features on fashion history.


The theme of Beauty, Grace and Style encapsulates what many women have wished to achieve and represent through their clothing over the centuries. I also think that everyone can see Beauty, live with Grace and appreciate Style. Fashion is for everyone.


My own interest in the fashion world began many years ago (it runs in the family) and has slowly grown into a deep and enduring interest.


In the last few years I've attended numerous events and exhibits in London and abroad, such as the Golden Age of Couture Exhibit and program of talks at the V&A. I felt that I needed to start my own publication to cover the cross section of the fashion world that interests me.


I'm greatful to many inspirational people and toVogue Collections Paris for keeping me up to date with all the international fashion news.


What I like about the fashion is the sence of rejuvenation and the connection that fashion makes between the thoughts and ideas that people have and the real tactile world that we live in. 'Emotions and Ideas Made Real' would be the title of my collection of clothes or accessories if I ever designed one!


I'm interested in the collections, the business behind the labels and also the role of women in various aspects of fashion history. I also aim to write about some exceptional women of the past as well. It's a lot to cover, but I think seeing the bigger picture is often better.


I hope you enjoy looking through this site. If you have any questions or comments about the magazine or would like some help with fashion questions, then please feel welcome to contact me at admin@ablushofrose.com.


My personal rule is never to give unsolicited advice to women about their wardrobe, I don't think that's stylish. Fashion is about using clothes to express yourself and your feelings and it should always be uplifting and from the heart.



Best Wishes,


Angela Cliffe


Editor of A Blush of Rose







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