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Welcome to December at A Blush of Rose.  


As we head into Winter and, more importantly, the Party Season there is a lot to explore in colour and fashion.


Right now I think one of the most fun ways to get into the Festive Season spirit is to go creative with colour palettes. I think starting with make up and then moving into clothes is a good way to dip your toe into the Party Season.


I'm thinking about two looks right now. The 'New Romantic' look, which is essentially the look I have favoured through most of the late summer and Autumn and is the signature Blush of Rose trend right now. Even skin tones with a light but matt foundation, light peach/rose blush and lip colours with a subtle hint of mascara.


The other look is 'Very Berry' in other words, more peony and less rose. Deeper lips and a little of a deeper shade of blusher. Eyes should be lightly lines in brown/black with a light dusting of gold shadow or none at all. A few strokes of Mascara on the upper, but not lower, lash line completes this look.   

 Head for the office or out for the evening looking and feeling wonderful, let your inner goddess radiate!



Party Season Colours

Make-up for the evening: Red & Gold


Two traditional favourites of the party season are Scarlet/Deep Reds and Gold. Gold works well in the day time as well as evening in Winter.


Red and Gold on the nails and gold on the eyes. Red or gold tinted hues of lipsticks have a way of suiting most skin shades. Gold is a great eye liner and even better, if you can get it, brown liner flecked with gold. This gives you definition and shimmer. I have one from Boujois I bought a few years ago and its great to wear at this time of year or for a special night out year-round.


I think mascara in black or a touch of eye liner to naturally very dark eye rims is about as far as you need to with black. This is not the season to be gothic and this year I think there needs to be as much colour through the winter as possible.


For blushers there is a huge selection on the market and I would suggests you check out the blushing review on my products page to appear very shortly.


Overall I think skin looks best simple and blemish free but drop the tan. Nobody needs to look any shade of orange or that weird browny orange for Christmas or any other festival, in private or in front of the cameras. Your natural colour with help from a high quality concealer is the way forward. Just moisturise and eat well if you want your skin to glow all over.



Christmas Wish List 


My Christmas Wish list includes some useful items that will stand you in good stead well into 2010.


1. Colour Palettes


I think colour palettes are a great item. There are a huge choice of palettes out there. Ones that have caught my eye are the No7 Highlighter compact, this gives the perfect party glow for New Years Eve. Estee Lauder have a wonderful signature 5-tone Shimmer Powder in Pink Shimmer that will give a glow to any skin tone. For the ultimate palette discovery I would suggest going to Selfridges. The choice here is is amazing check out Shu Uemura pink, grey and black palette. At the other end of the colour spectrum I return to the first house I bought a palette from when I was a very shy 20 year old visiting the Givenchy counter for the first time. For a subtle shimmer I really love the Givenchy 'Le Prisme Face Powder in Beige Mousseline. It will give a lovely peachy glow.


2. Anything wrapable.


A Pashmina or any any large snug will do. I have been thinking about the 'Scood'. The cross between the scalf and the hood that came out into the shops this Autumn past. I think for me they are a little big and don't fit closely round the neck enough. I've loved scalfs since I was around 14 and take wrapping up pretty seriously, especially this winter.


3. A new dress, but please keep two shoulders!


I know that one shoulder dresses are and have been talked about for a few years now but I really don't think this look is good at all. I just don't find this flattering on anyone, unless your career involves spending large amounts of time in an Ancient Greek temple wearing a lovely draped goddess-effect piece then you should leave well alone.


I think the choice is always huge especially in the pre-Christams sales that we've had. I have no particular favorite, but would recommend something either full skirted or straight that goes to knee length. These are always the most versatile. DO make that impulse buy if you feel you must but always keep an eye on how many times it can be worn. My Christmas dress this year will be a very simple light weight black dress with tiny rose patterning all over. It's due to come out again and will be perfect for Christmas. The best things don't always cost you much if anything.    


Well being-"tis the season to be jolly".


This line from the well-known Christmas Carrol is pretty sound advice for keeping the immune system up and running. Simply being happy and in a good mood is going to boost your natural immune system levels. Release those endorphins, glow and be strong.



Food wise eat organic, wholesome and eat lots of Veg. Veg is good for you in the Winter too as well as a low calorie snack in Summer. Echinacea is a well known remedy and is great in herbal teas. I also recommend using lavendar, oils and perfumed soaps are the perfect way to work a little lavendar into your daily beauty routine. I don't know a great deal about lavender properties but again I feel there is almost something medicinal about it, it definitely does something to keep the airways clear.







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