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Parisienne Haute Couture is the foundation stone on which the world of Fashion rests. Twice a year collections are shown by a small number of Houses that show collections fashioned in the art of 'High Sewing' known in French as 'Haute Couture'.


The Couture show time table is different from Ready to Wear known as 'Pret a Porter' instead of being 7 months ahead of the season they are dressing for; Couture shows are infact the curtain raiser to the season you're just about to enter.


Therefore January's Couture shows carry the Spring and Summer lines for that year.




This branch of fashion has a vital role in keeping alive traditional techniques and craftsmanship in houses who's names are known arunf the world and the networks of specialist Ateliers that support them with niche specialties. 


The shows are a spectacle of extravagence and Designers create the most wonderful clothes we could dream of. This really is fashion as art which is how everyone can enjoy it.


This section of the web site is under development and will shortly feature a review of the Couture Collections in Paris for Spring - Summer 2010.   




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Haute Joaillerie (new for SS 2010)

July 2015

Haute Couture Week AW 2015 - 16. 

Paris 5th - 9th July.