Paris July 2011

I headed up to Paris after being in Monaco for the Wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. I love the Buzz of Paris in Couture week in July. It's wonderful and chilled Macarons are always extra yummy in the heat.
































































































































































































































































































































































































A Blush of Rose




Beauty, Grace & Style


All images with kind permission of Christian Dior.

I found this collection pretty innovative in several areas and I've picked what for me where key looks that really show where he is following a vision and utilisiting all the skills of the Atelier to make something exceptional.



To the left these models where really playing up an Amazonian Glamour Goddess feel. I could see the vibrant hues of sun-kissed bonze tinted metallic colours

wrapped over and over in many layers.


I love the blending of the subtly contrasting, wrapped around colours here. There's also a slight hint of 1980s fashion Urban-Jungle maybe also.


The high texture frizzed hair also gives a dramatic twist to the looks. 

All companies take a new step from time to time and this first collection without Galliano for around 15 years took a small step into the next Chapter of the Houses fashion history.


I love the Musee Rodin (not sure I've ever heard anyone not like it actually) and for me it's such a superb showcase for both Paris and for fashion.



We have all been well acquainted with Galliano's trademark Haute Couture ball gowns this is often the most visible part of Houses output in Couture week. The images that may well grace the covers of Newspapers the next day around the world. I was curious to see what would be coming next and I wasn't disappointed, nobody was. Here are some of my favourite pieces below.


































Starting above this multi-coloured piece ruched and layered so many times over created a feather effect to the eye watching it. As it moved past the audience it had the light slight-bounce movement that many broad full skirted couture pieces have. 


Next to it was a really fun piece representing the Moon Goddess Minerva perhaps. This was another show stopping piece gliding along. I really liked the lose fitting bodice top draping to the elbow. It shows the waist perfectly and the design provides a great contrast to the full Whiteness of the skirt. The uppermost layer of the skirt is lightly dusted with an applique sparkling shimmer.


































I felt that these two dresses had even more of a carnival spirit about them. The first, above left, has streams of ribbon flowing down the skirt and embroidery detail to mimic what could be confetti or glitter raining down on a party. This dress in particular could be re-worked slightly to create a truly stunning Wedding Dress. It's the Autumn-Winter 11-12 collection and this is a piece all set for a spectacular New Years party, this piece would also work well at any time of the year.


The last piece I chose, above left is another carnival inspired piece. The Grimaldi Clown appears in an up-to-date female form for the 21st Century. Complete with Ruff collar she strides down the catwalk with her eye coolly trained on the audience, betraying no secrets of her magical art.