Fall into Fashion  Angela Cliffe in London and Paris


London Fashion Week 17th - 23rd September 2010 : Spring - Summer 2011


Maria Grachvogel


My London Fashion Week opened at Maria Grachvogel. As we where lured to hot climbs with the sounds of birds from the tropics Maria launched a fresh minimalist collection full of must-have pieces for next Spring and Summer. Cut to perfection each piece demonstrated a minimalist clarity that drew the focus of the onlooker to the use of colour and versitility of each piece.


The show opened with delicate silk and satin pieces in tantalising Caramel and vibrant Canary. On a voyage of discovery one and two piece outfits delicately covered the body with virtuoso draping that is Maria Grachvogel trademark style. Each piece cut from just one piece of fabric. The effect was almost cinematic and models looked like they have stepped out of a film set perhaps on the Nile, perhaps in the Equatorial tropics.


This is also a collection that lends itself well to the dynamics of modern living. The Transformer blouse and dress combination can be worn in six different ways. Other key pieces from the collection give you the staples of your summer wardrobe, slouchy pocketed shorts, slim palazzo pants and Maria's signature seam free magic trousers can be to teamed up with silk-chiffon t-shirt tops and/or cocoon blouses. 


































Flashes of colour from the tropics came to us in the amazing prints that Maria personally creates. This turned the colour up from the muted almost cinematic shades in a vibrant contrast. It was wonderful seeing the Wolf, Moth Wing and Phoenix prints flow as the models walked past. Maria herself prints and engineers these designs that add a unique type of elegance to her collection. These clothes fit so well on the body. One style that caught my attention in particular was the Icon dress. This was shown in several colours and print designs and I also particularly admired the Sylph dress. It was stunning to see the move before my eyes, real genious. 


For Spring - Summer 2011 Maria Grachvogel's woman is on a journey, perhaps in Eygpt or the Greek islands or Asia Pacific. She expressing her personal journey and confidence as a modern woman through her clothes wherever she may be. There is something hypnotic about the flowing cut of these pieces.




































On the day of the show Maria Grachvogel also announced that the label will be opening five more stores over the next two years in Asia in partnership with J&D Investment and luxury lifestyle and branding business based in Singapore. Maria herself said " We have had a growing interest from Asia so it is hugely exciting to be announcing a partnership with J&D Investment Ltd". It was wonderful to hear exciting news for a leading British designer unveiling a wonderful collection at LFW. 



John Rocha


This collection got underway in a grand style referencing the tradition of the Grand Tour, travellers from the last century and Deborah Turberville's 'Past Imperfect'. John Rocha unveiled a collection of strong monochrome themes in front of a dazelled audience including Shoe Guru Jimmy Choo, Miliner Stephen Jones and actress Tracey Ullman.


The palette was classical in Black, Nude, Rose and Ivory. I senced an Edwardian influence in layers of fabric, fluid silk crepe de chines swept past in long flowing silhouettes. Traditional shapes where matched alongside modern spantex print and stretch cottons. Corsetry was re-worked and brought up to date to fit with the modern hectic lifestyle. Vinatge echos where given a modern twist by John's ability to create modern structures.
































Sheer fabrics suggested bohemian meets boudoir chic with a vagabond air (but not gothic) and many models sported cocoon shaped rucksacks which gave the cue for a journey to be taken. I loved the way that the collection moved through a number of different fabrics such a light summer tweeds, giving them a new lease of life. Flowers where also very evident from the ruffles in the hats and on the dresses to the crochet work in some of the pieces.


Hair was worn long in a care-free ingenue style contrasting to the ladylike sophistication to be found in many of the pieces. Wide brimmed hats hinted at invitations to formal events in the social calendar but John  Rocha's Spring - Summer 2011 girl has a carefree attitude to such convention. The mens pieces hinted more strongly at vagabond chic and wandering pilgrim.

































This collection brought a fresh take on the romantic bohemian look and showed many key looks that where sophisticed and yet playful. It's a collection that many will be able to pick favourite pieces from to treasure. 





Caroline Charles


This was a celebration of late 1940's/early50s Lady chic for day and evening done in the English way. Playful prints opened the collection. 


Hilary Alexander from the Telegraph and a very stylish lady from Coutts and Co who are sponsoring London Fashion Week and Fashion Forward at London Fashion Week. Among many of the early pieces was a wonderful Rose crepe dress.


Bold floral patterns and contrasting single colour pieces where acessorised with chic hats both cloche and broad brimmed for the day-wear outfits. Bags where retro-vintage style in keeping with the mood of the collection.  




































The collection moved from daytime chic to high glamour evening wear keeping with the vintage theme of the 1940s and 1950s. Dusky Rose, Black and lots of Sparkle typified the collection which played to the House strengths of the traditional British look for women of any age. I was captivated by a dusky Rose piece with a beautifully patterend shawl that looked like flower petals. I hope to bring you an image soon.


This collection features hair ornaments on many models and the theme of a hair band. I alos hope to bring you images from Caroline Charles of these too but for now here are some pics of hair band I cooincidently wore at Somerset House that day. My Piece was from Fenwicks of Bond Street and I expect there will be many more hair band themed pieces arriving in the stores early next year. I also thought back to my visit to Chaumet in Paris in July and their Bijoux de Tete. Please check out Haute Joaillerie Autumn - Winter 2010 if you haven't already. http://ablushofrose.com/HauteJoaillerieA-W2010-2011ablushofrose.html



























I love hair bands and diadems, I think the more ways a woman can adorn her hair the better. I think we are living through a time of simply styled hair. I am the same I straighten and blow dry and tie up in a pony-tail or use invisible pins to make it look like it's magically held in place some how but I rarely put anything attractive in it, anything to catch the eye. I maybe need to pay a visit to Stephen Jones. A lady needs sparkle.


The collection closed with some wonderful evening cocktail dresses and a spectacular Scarlet bridal gown, complete with Red Rose bouquet and a trailing chiffon stole. Very chic. 








































One year on from their win at Fashion Fringe Covent Garden Jena.Theo brought out The Bandoliers collection for Spring - Summer 2011. This had a vibe of the British Empire in India and Victorian colonialism. Models emerged in turbans in both brightly coloures and subtle muted tones. Below are some of my favourite pieces from the collection. I loved the Indian inspired pinks and blues with gold brocade detail. I think this gives such a freshness and colour is going to be a very strong theme next summer. I was delighted to meet Jena.Theo back in April at a press event and I'm glad this new collection has such impact. Please look them up to find out more. It's very exciting to see Fashion Fringe winners go so far in just 1 year, it was wonderful to see the collection live.


































(C) All above images JENA.THEO.


Vivienne Westwood Red Label













































































Mulberry Presentation at Claridges


On a Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to see the presentation of Mulberry's Spring - Summer 2011 collection in the Ballroom of Claridges. Electric Pink roses where everywhere to be seen and it seemed apparent that Mulberry's signature theme sits very closley to the themes of A Blush of Rose. Sympatico.


Mulberry welcomed us into a Secret Garden where 'Everything is coming up Roses', I couldn't agree more, this collection dazzled. In a forest of flowers and key animal references of the Tiger and the Bunny, oh and a few very handsome Pugs where there as well giving the collection their critical seal of approval. Here are some pics that I took from the event. (C) Angela Cliffe































































































































































































































































Craig Lawrence - The Portico Rooms presentation


I arrived at the Portico Rooms and found an

inspirational collection from Craig Lawrence, who as

you can see from these pictures specialises in

Knitware. He worked for Giles Deacon as a student

and has successfully launched his own Label.


This collection draws inspiration from the mythical

worlds of lost Island Kingdoms. The herringbone

style of the knit gave a more than subtle hint of

a life lived close to the sea and the models

themselves where styled as Mermaids, perhaps

waiting for their Hero Odysseus to return.


There is a darker note as the designer says that

he is exploring the themes of life and death.

Perhaps the mermaids are waiting for their Hero

to return, as in the ancient stories or perhaps

they are guarding another mythical island, or

gateway. Perhaps the land of the dead in a

Poseidon meets Hades mix of Mythology.

The whistful mournfull look of the models

captures the feeling of innocence betrayed.


To this student of all things Greek and Ancient

there where endless connotations. It's wonderful

to see a designer working with Knit Wear in such

a cutting-edge way. I saw the BFC Chairman taking

in the collection so Craig is getting noticed in all

the right places.


The presentation created a lot of interest and I was

very pleasantly surprised to find an all day Tea -

Party taking place on the Portico Rooms Balcony.

It must be one of the best views in London.

There we where eating amazing sandwiches

and cakes chatting, looking out across to the

Embankment Centre over the Thames, the beating

heart of London.  


I would like to thank Craig Lawrence and BLOW

for the invitation to see this collection and

such a lovely welcome. I can't wait to see what

comes next from this designer and will be dreaming

of visiting sunken Kingdoms in the Greek Islands

next Summer.




Worth Haute Couture at the Ritz 

I was very fortunate to be invited to see the Haute Couture collection of Worth at The Ritz in London. This was the Autumn - Winter 2010 collection and was simply breath taking. For the full report please see the Haute Couture Autumn - Winter 2010 page here http://ablushofrose.com/HauteCoutureAutumn-Winter2010-2011.html.


More to come from Erdem, John Pierre Braganza (JPB),and more fashion News. 











Fashion Night Out 8th September in London


Vogue Fashion Night Out returned to London and many other citires around the world this year and I'm really glad it looks to be a regular feature in the global Fashion Calendar.


I began my evening on Bond Street and my first stop was at MAX MARA. They hosted a champagne reception and launched a special 'Tiffany Bag' in conjunction with FNO. This bag was a stylish shopper and free to any customer purchasing a MAX MARA coat. I thought that this was wonderful, going into Autumn with a new Max Mara Coat and a stylish carry-all tote in hand too. A very thoughtful gift.


Bottega Veneta hosted a reception in the classic style of the House and offered clients the chance to purchase one of only 10 Brick Bags in the UK. 


At DAKS I had a chance to tallk to the store Manager and DJ Jean Young who kept the shoppers entertained late into the night with a mix of heady rhythms. DAKS offered a wonderful selection of treats for shoppers, 10% off all purchases and each client was given a goody bag and entered into a lottery for a ticket to the Catwalk show on 18th September in London.


DAKS also showed their Autumn - Winter collection in store and on a number of live models in the window through the evening. I love seeing clothes on live models. I also love watching the reactions of crowds passing the stores as they realise the models are real as they move positions after a while. It really is the way to show clothes properly and is reminiscent of the Salon Shows that our grandmothers could see in London (and still in Paris) in years gone by on a regular basis.


Here is a shot from the DAKS Window.




























At PRADA I was lucky enough to talk to the delightful Kim Stringer who told me about the limited edition BYO (Bring Your Own) bags that where available to purchase on the night. The designs where very appealing, with lips and lipsticks featuring prominently. A very beautiful collection.



                                                             The PRADA party had a great energy about it,                                                              guests where treated to gourmet chips and dip

                                                             wrapped in PRADA Newspaper giving                                                              information about the coming collection.                                                              Drinks were on hand to help everyone get into                                                              the party mood, followed by PRADA's own                                                              Sorbet later on. There was a lot of laughter in                                                              the store and the sixties beats took shoppers                                                              back in tome to swinging 60's London and                                                              Carnaby Street.                                                                    

                                                             PRADA also launched a limited edition Miu Miu                                                              tote bag for the evening. This came complete                                                              with it's own storage case. Visitors needed no                                                              more prompts to shop and the party continued                                                                  late into the evening.


                                                             "Fever" was sizzling at PRADA for A-W 2010-11.


                                                                                                                                       All images (C) PRADA



























Van Cleef & Arpels invited three editors from Vogue magazine to select

their favourite pieces from the current collection. Emily Sheffield chose

the Alhambra collection, Emily Zak chose the Alhambra Vintage & Magic

Alhambra collections and Sarah Harris also chose Alhambra Vintage.


Here to the right is a picture of a piece from the limited edition Vintage

Alhambra collection that will be in the Van Cleef & Arples stores from

November. The traditional four-leaf clover shape is crafted from lapis

lazuli, with Yellow Gold and a diamond at the center. Lapis lazuli is

reputed to bring Truth and Friendship. Alhambra collection that struck

a chord with the ladies from Vogue.


                                Right (C) Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Edition de Noel 


From their window display my personal choice would be the Lady

Arpels Fairy. I thought she looked very magical.



At Alexander McQueen they where offering a store discount

and as everyone shopped to their hearts content I had a chance

to look at some the amazing pieces in the Autumn ready to wear

collection. Below is a piece from the last Haute Couture collection

designed by 'Lee' Alexander McQueen and it's on display currently

in the window in Bond Street. The pieces change every few days.


You can see a strong Russian influence in this work I think and I'm reminded of the 'Magnificance of the Tsars' Exhibition at the V&A last year. This pieces is constructed on strong military-style lines but also curves beautifully to emphasis the body of the woman. The extraordinary boots also have a strong militaristic feel about them but the Alexander McQueen Woman looks strong. The collection's chief influences are Byzantine Art and Renaissance alter pieces by Fouquet and Botticelli.

























Gucci had an in-house DJ and the a heaving crowd who where drawn by an in-house model Miranda who was modelling in a live fashion shoot on the first floor. Miranda was showing the Autumn - Winter 2010-2011 collection which was greeted with great excitment in the store. Visitors to the store saw the whole process of a shoot. The make-up, the stylists, and the photographer directing the model.


I thought this was pretty cool to show the full story behind the pictures that we see and I think it was one of themost filmed events of the evening. I found a wonderful bag at Gucci, that would suit me for travelling. It was an over-sized tote, nice and roomy and a nice discreet design. I hope to bring you a picture soon. The name is the Celarius Cuir TOTE. My dream-chic make-up bag would be the Peonia Rose Make-up bag. It's perfectly shaped for travel or on a dressing table and in a perfect dusky rose colour. 



At Smythson the party was co-hosted with Cowshed who gave manicures to anyone who visited the store.They where showing their Autumn colours that looked wondful. Smythson introduced me to the autumn Damson collection. This collection is in the most beautiful plum leather and lined with contrasting turquoise silk. There is a broad product line from Passport Covers, Fashion Diaries, to Travel Clutches and travel Jewellery cases. 


I was also introduced to the Nancy Tote, new to this Autumn. It's a very attractive design and has a soft comfortable appeal about it.


Georgio Armani co-hosted the headline event with Vogue Editor Alexandra Schulman and this was the leading event of the evening, already widly covered in many other places.


Further down the street Mulberry hosted a cocktail party with clients rubbing shouldes with celebrities and Jade Parfit was filiming for Fashion TV. Jade looked amazing in a Chinese style short dress and I enjoyed some campagne and chatted with some of Mulberry's representative's and saw, once again the Autumn - Winter 2010-2011 collection. I left the party and moved on to where the music seemed to be coming from, Bruton Street.



Bruton Street had a lot going on with a street party atmosphere around many of the stores.


Maison Martin Margeila announced it's party with music your could hear on Bond Street. As always if you want to find a good night out you follow the music and this party attracted quite a crowd. I spoke to one of the DJ's called Andy who plays a night called Caligula in north London. What can I say it was an epic party. 


Miller Harris launched their own line of wall paper and hosted an in-house workshop for making stools and other craftwork items. I really loved the market stall of Scarlet and Violet in front of the store. They where selling beautiful flowers and candels in jars and lovely things. Please see their web site www.scarletandviolet.co.uk






















Moving on next to Matthew Williamson, a host of celebrities where mingling and talking to Matthew while I looked through his amazing collection. There where several pieces that absolutly captivated me, they where in canary and also some beautiful print designs. The fabrics are sheer and float almost over the figure. I am completly in love with the Intarsia Rose Knitwear dresses. Matthew was also selling the  Fashion Night Out Bag and T-Shirt Dress and they are still available on the Matthew Williamson Website.


Juicy Couture was also a hive of activity and had one of the most attention grabing windows.
























Stella McCartney hosted one of the most popular events of the evening. Many friends of the designer such as Claudia Schiffer and Natalia Vodianova joined her for the evening and another friend Gwyneth Paltrow lauched a line of children's clothes. I think it's really exciting that Gwyneth has decided to make fashionable wearable children's clothes. I think it's a wonderful way to bring children into the world of fashion and children are naturally such happy spirits, they are more likely to engage with clothes in the future if they are dressed well as children.




Harvey Niks & Sloane Street.


Harvey Nichols hosted a Fashion Night with a difference. They opened an in-house habidashery on the first floor where designers and their assistants where customising Fashion Night Out bags. I was lucky enough to talk to ERDEM and he customised my bag (see below). I opted for some simple pink colouring to compliment the signature website design. ERDEM thought it looked fun and I thanked him and wished him good luck for his show on Monday 20th at Fashion Week.



























A lot of the stores on Sloane Street where open late and here is a picture of one of my favourite windows, Missoni. Beautiful high colour design. Wonderful wrappables for Winter 2010-11.

























Back on Bond Street Anya Hindmarsh hosted a How Do You Wear Yours party. Guests where invited to pose in a modelling shoot with their Anya Hindmarsh bags in a fashion shoot and Anya herself picked the best look of the evening and gave a special prize.


On Brook Street Diptyque (make the most amazing Rose candles, my romanitc dream) hosted an event to launch Eau Duelle, their new fragrance for 2010. It's lovely. Heavenly and light.


LK Bennet hosted an in-house photoshoot and offered a store discount.



Burberry hosted a spectacular party with Christopher Bailey talking to Jasmine Guinness a little way from me as I was learning all about a young jewellery designer called Giullia and the pieces she makes.

I will tell you more about her in the coming weeks but back to Burberry. The party was amazing. The music was by band One Night Only and kept the party mood going even beyond the store. Jaquetta Wheeler and a host of other names in fashion mingled and shopped the night away. Burberry also put on British Bands in their stores in New York and Milan to promote British talent and hosted parties at their stores in New York, Berlin, Milan, Istanbul, Athens, New Delhi, Moscow, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Madrid and Sydney to celebrate Vogue Fashion's Night Out.


Burberry will be beaming their Spring - Summer 2011 collection into 25 flagship stores world wide and hosting special trunk parties where clients can enjoy the show.




The People Tree at Friary Court : START Garden Party to make a difference at Clarence House 11th September 2010


I attended an wonderful event just before London Fashion Week. The Garden Party to make a difference hosted an ethically aware fashion show at Friary Court, as part of the movement to bring evironmental awareness into fashion. People Tree are an organisation that promote sustainable fashion. This involves manufacturers making long term commitments to suppliers and supports the growth of Organic Cotton in India. Organic cotton is produced on a Carbon Neutral basis.


I've picked out some looks that I think are pretty wearable for occassion and relaxation. Please look up their web site www.peopletree.co.uk.





































































































































































































































































































































A Blush of Rose



September 2010



Beauty, Grace & Style


(C) Angela Cliffe

(C) Angela Cliffe.

(C) All images Angela Cliffe


In the picture to the right are Safia Minney, CEO and Founder and Antony Waller. They talked about sustainable fashion and the development of People Tree and the various projects that they have undertaken to help

women, in particular, who are involved in the production of cotton for the Fashion industry. Please find out more about the organisation at the above link. 

Following the People Tree Fashion Show, the next event was Up-Cycling. Everyone has heard of Re-Cycling but for the future, for something different that can reduce waste and encourage creativity, Up-Cycling is something worth experimenting with.


The concept was developed form using material that is discarded at source from many leading fashion Houses and using it to create new garments and accessories. Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Stella McCartney where among the designers who contributed material to the event that would otherwise have been lost. Such beautifully created fabrics deserve a second chance and with Up-Cycling they have it!



Supermodel Erin O' Connor and X-Factor Judge Sinita joined the Up-Cycling team to model some of the pieces. Erin wore a dress made in 20 mins from Up-Cycled material, given the volume and dimensions of an evening dress. She is dedicated to Up-Cycling and has used it many times. For this show she donated the outfit from the cover of her 80's hit record Toy Boy and it was transformed into a contemporary piece that she may be wearing for the fiming of X-Factor later this Autumn.


The last piece was a dress made out of pages from the Financial times. It's estimated that Fashion is worth £32bn to the British Economy and the FT always follows fashion trends carefully. This piece could also be a commentary on the ephemeral nature of clothing in modern society. Not quite tommorow's fish and chip papers but certainly tommorow's landfill. In the UK more than 2 million tons of material goes into landfill each year.


I'm all for making the most of clothes and I personnally believe that alongside initiaves like this Vintage is the way to go. Look after good quality clothes well and they will be the vintage pieces of tommorow.



Francisca Veloso - Wake up and Work


I'd like to show you a piece of art exhibited by my friend Francisca. She is a wonderful person with great insight and she recently exhibited this pieces below in London at the Dreams London exhibition at the Galleries at Shoreditch Town Hall. Here is a link to her website, I think you should check it out.  http://www.franciscaveloso.com/.  




                                                                                  "Imagine yourself diving into the Ocean.                                                                                    Recall the first seconds of getting in                                                                                    touch with the water. I'm intrested in                                                                                    how this translates on to something                                                                                    personal: a moment of solitude and an

                                                                                   experience of self awareness. Where                                                                                    time seems to extend itself and a dream                                                                                    - like sence of limitlessness invades you                                                                                    instantly. Differences between a dream                                                                                    and a dive might be control, choices of                                                                                   scenario.

                                                                                   (C) Francisca Veloso 2010.



'Waking up' is a motivational collage to be placed at the end of the bed to be seen as one wakes up. The visual message needs to be stressed by writing. The literal is a way of battlong the last moments of unconsciousness. You now have to choose whether if this waking up moment is when you dive or reach the surface."































































At the Connaught Rooms Vivienne Westwood Red label wowed the audience (including among others Cat Deeley and Pamela Anderson) with a chic collection covering most fashion needs for next summer. Here are two gems from the collection. I love the floral print piece, it's fabulous and the design is exquisite. To the right I sence a playful cow-girl esque mood and this piece makes me think of fun in the sun. Picking strawberries or going to the races or the Tennis. They are both very stylish go-anywhere pieces and show Vivienne Westwood is still suprising and delighting us after many years at the very heart of British Fashion.


They where kindly sent by Laura who also told me more about the 100 days of Active Resistance initiative launched by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee.


From 26th September one image from the thousands submitted will be chosen every day. Please click here each day as the countdown continueswww.ar100days.com. "100 days of positive thought, active change, speaking up and being heard, the aim is to encourage interaction and individuality through an online installation sharing interpretations of Vivienne Westwood’s Active Resistance." 


As well as launching a very much talked about collection Vivienne Westwood also used London Fashion Week to highlight another initiative that she is involved with The Ethical Fashion Program. She is certainly a leading voice in fashion and one that likes to speak up and make changes for the good as we all know. She is working with The International Trade Centre, a joint body of the UN and WTO to, promote sustainable living in some of the most challenging places in the world. The project works in urban slums as well as in rural areas to help people find work that will be environmentally sustainable and give them a long terms source of income too.


On Friday 17th September on the opening day of London Fashion Week Vivienne Westwood held fashion show at Friary Court, Clarence House to show case Ethical fashion. This event was a companion to the event I attended on the previous Sunday (see below article). I am glad there where 2 shows as I discovered the news of this show a couple of days after the first show and was already 'fully booked' for Friday 17th. The show was a great success and attracted Boris Johnson and Sir Michael Rose who also took park in the ECO car rally the previous sunday as part of the Prince of Wales' START initiative.


As ever a lot going on at Vivienne Westwood besides amazing contemporary fashion. I'm looking forward to bringing you a report from her Paris Couture collection in the October issue of A Blush of Rose. 


This collection is full of rich, strong colour themes and there is something here that everyone will tune into. There are single colour pieces, well taylored and cut for a sleek lady - chic look and there are colourful patterns. The above cusion was on every seat. They where made by company called Glowrug and a piece in the collection was designed on the theme of the neon enchanted wonderland.


Roses are blushing and blooming everywhere and there are many different ways to work this into a sophisticated occassion/evening look or fun anytime and where.

Above images Mulberry (C)


I really love the paired down simplicity of many of the pieces in this collection. The above four pieces can be worn in the day time and/or taken on into the evening. The common feature that they have is the tied or belted waist. Through all the collection there is waist-line definition that has the effect of drawing the eye to the two parts of the 'halfs' of the outfit. The eye scans up and down and you have a stronger appreciation of the symetry of the piece.


The shoes are also almost boot-like in most looks and go up past the ancle to the lower leg. This creates the imprssion of lengthening the leg and is very flattering to the wearer. This collection was very well receievd by the guests in Claridges Ballroom and and each outfit was greeted with smiles and approving glances. 


The signature Mulberry bags where out in force. The Bayswater and Mulberry bags have been updated nad the lines added to and there are many choices for the Mulberry girl to coordinate her look about town. I really like the addition of Tiger stripes into many of pieces, it looks very fun.



































                                                                                                                                 All images Mulberry (C).



These two looks that I've picked from the collection are pretty fresh evening pieces. The twist dress in English Plum double faced silk has been matched with an over-sized Alexa bag in English Plum Begal Tiger print. The Flowerbed skirt in Midnight Blue mixed material and Flowerbed T-shirt in Midnight Blue Jersey form a perfect  evening two-piece outfit.


There where a host of names at the show to see the                                                              collection come out Alexa Chung was sporting the bag

named for her and Gemma Arteton was also in the                                                              front row chatting away happily after the show. I was                                                              about to interview Gemma when a Japanese Cameracrew

dived in front of me but we smiled hello and it was lovely

to see a new face representing Mulberry. Olivia Palermo                                                              looked very fresh faced in the midst of a very hectic                                                              London Fashion Week and Rachel Stevens was glowing                                                              prior to her new arrival in a few months time. Fashion                                                              Editor Brix also brough along her pugs for impromtu                                                             'Pug party' after the show. 


I liked to see this collection using a lot of silks and satins and

also incorporating modern features such a denim.


Later in the evening Claridges was transformed into a woodland landscape once again. Tim Walkers' first film The Lost Explorer was screened at BAFTA before guests headed on to Claridges dinner. The film tells the story of a young girl who finds an explorer at the bottom of her garden. The dinner has quite a themed twist. Once at Claridges the guests had crawl (seriously, must be a first) through a Mosquito net tunnel into the dinning room. The then sat on directorts chairs around camping picnic tables and ate exotic foods from the tropics with the sounds of the jungle in the background. Here are some pics from the show, screening and dinner.








































 Images clockwise from top left. Gemma Arteton discovers the myseries of the Travellers Tent installed in Claridges. Brix brings her Pugs along to get the party started. International Fashionista Olivia Palermo looking as radient as when I saw her at Valentino in Paris in July. Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles. Alex Chung and Mulberry Chairman Godfrey Davis. Gothic revival style with Helena Bonham Carter. (C) Mulberry.





(C) Angela Cliffe 2009-2013.