I'm grateful to so many people that I've met in the last twelve years in the industry, although it's been a struggle at times running between the corporate world, battling social media sabbotage (yes, my wee instagram was supressed from late Summer 2017 onwards and I've never found out why despite many direct appeals to the company! :-(   ) and caring for relatives away in the country, it's all been worth it.

I've always known that I have good ideas, an eye for a story, perceptive understanding of others and an ability to see things from a new angle. I also feel that there is still an area of interest in fashion that isn't fully catered to by the glossies, as much as I like many, for people who want to know more about the clothes and making side and less about celebrity endorsements. In this respect, I think the fashion world has caught up with me in the last two years or so if I can say in showing more of the world of the atelier, literally in case of many Houses such as CHANEL, DIOR and Alexander McQueen. I still think that I'm an insightful femme in fashion with ideas, some talent and vision and can connect with the readers out there, plus a prayerful wish to see British Haute Couture expand, if not explode, to it's pre-WW2 size of artisan craftsmanship. I'll return to fill this out and say some 'Thank You's' as on the old website and looking to more future adventures catching up from 2021,22 and 23 as the blog has passed it's decade milestone in September 2019.