Here's a little bit more about me and why I started writing.

I moved to London in late 2006 and settled in a quiet leafy part of West London where fashion seemed to be happening all around me. Fashion Week shows, studios, boutiques and museums where on my doorstep. It was all a great surprise as I'd just been hoping to find a peaceful neighbourhood. Since I was small I've always been a writer in my inner self, determined to write and communicate my insights and ideas as well as anyone else after a brief spell of early childhood dyslexia. So here in the city, with Paris also just s stone's through away down the train track, I was suddenly immersed. After starting to go to functions and the very occasional charity ball, I began to be aware of the industry behind the magazines I'd read. A gala opening here, a ticket to Fashion Rocks for the Princes Trust there, and a few other things made me want to start writing fashion from a tiny attic space in South Kensington. But although I was in a nice spot I couldn't afford to join the industry on the minimum wage internship carousel for an extended period. And, after all the hard work it had taken me to get that far, I thought why should I? It didn't seem right although everyone seemed to be accepting of it.

So the website was born to be a simple online magazine, that I could have as my own space as a basis to show my work before people where really using the word blog and I saved up for a couple of months to by a laptop to get working on. It's been a journey and brought me back to Paris many times (a city that's drawn me with echoes of it's past since childhood like an old friend from another time that I can't forget) as well as seeing maybe 18 London Fashion Week seasons now as well as picking up great writing assignments and meeting some very special top secret clients I can style for. I've also been able to do some photography work, which like my Mum, I had a hunch I could be good at. It's a journey and an adventure and while I have quite a few other demands on my time, I'm thankful that I've been able to endure and people have seen and read me all over the world.