Sending thoughts and prayers to you all for a safe and peaceful 2021

Hello and welcome to the new webpage, it's lovely to see you here and I hope you enjoy seeing and reading my reports and projects. I've had some time away through the second half of 2019 and throughout 2020 as both of my parents have been unwell and needed close support at home. Putting family first and stepping away for a while has felt the right thing to do.

This new page is a work in progress but back in action with work to be added from autumn '19 and into 2020.  You can still see most of my archive going back to 2009 when my adventures began through a tab on the menu to the left hand side. I'm grateful to my faithful readers for patience as I play catch-up and get back on track hopefully in spring of the New Year and persuing new projects.


London Fashion Week AW19-20 designer reviews

My seasonal chapters from London Fashion Week are online with a little bit more to add for autumn as we head into the season. Many reports include photography shot by me either at the Catwalk or Backstage.

To get us ready for the cooler weather here is a combination of monochrome woollen wraps, sweaters and coats and brightly coloured  intarsia work from Johnstons of Elgin. They now have a thriving store open in Edinburgh and are one of Scotland's oldest and best known brands.

Head into autumn with CHANEL

Haute Couture showed this summer in Paris with it's schedule thankfully showing an extended line up of more designers. It's great to see this part of the industry resurgent as I hoped it would be a couple of years ago and amongst the pack with a set of high fashion classics was CHANEL. Set against a backdrop of a library superimposed on the Grand Palais, the collegiate vibe gave a lesson in classic styling.

Images (C) Chanel.

A look at the Bollinger Gallery re-opened at the V&A Museum.

The archive of jewellery housed by the V&A is one of the oldest parts of it's collection and thanks the the generosity of the Bollinger family, a larger number of objects are now on display in cases that show the pieces to much better effect. It's free to enter and you can spend as much time as you would wish, exploring and drawing objects or simply marvelling at craft from the ancient world up to today.



Huishan Zhang - a look at one of the most exciting designers showing in London

Huishan is a fantastic talent, hand-picked by Delphine Arnault to spend part of his third year of univeristy study in the Atelier's of Dior in Paris. There is a classic look of elegance in his work that is hard to miss and whilst he's undoubtedly spontaneous in his creativity, his designs encompass both the classic and new in one easy moment.


Christian  Dior: Designer of Dreams - The V&A Museum, London.

After showcasing in Paris in 2017 the celebration of the 70 year milestone of the House of Dior came to London in late January 2019.  My full article is on the Winter 2018-2019 page. This is part of my montage I shot in Paris of the first exhibition in September 2017 during Paris Fashion Week and something just as beautiful arrived in London for the V&A showcase with 60% of the collection featuring new dresses not shown in the Paris exhibition of 2017.