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This is a little header page for a section where I'm going to file away pages in archive from the early days of the website.

They often look simple and basic but these where my early steps and I still remember how much I enjoyed attending events and writing them up. The website launched in Sept 2009 after Vogue's Fashion Night Out after I'd had the idea a few months earlier. While walking in my favourite Kensington garden near to my former home in that neck of the woods the name came to mind almost in an instant.

As the only route into the industry appeared to be minimum wage internships that I couldn't afford to do, I felt that this was the best option for me to begin my work and it would be a place of my own, with my own 'voice', which was important too. Also having never really altered in many ways since I was little, I was and still am, a curious writer in part of my core and felt that I had to tell my story and share my adventures.